Solution Packs

Automate your most common and repititive data-driven IT tasks and activities with Robotic Data Automation (RDA) solution packs, including featured integrations, extensible pipelines and extensive bot library.


Each Solution Pack contains featured integrations, extensible pipelines, formatting templates, 500+ bots and more

Observability Pack

Automate Observability Provisioning, Data Sharing, Analytics and More


Automate your ITSM Operations related to Tickets, Incidents, CMDB and More

Network Automation

Automated Asset Intelligence and Network Planning Insights

Cloud/SREOps Pack

Hybrid Cloud Data Ops & Distributed IT Automation

DevOps Pack

Automate common DevOps tasks and activities

Edge/IoT Pack

Automated Edge/IoT Insights, Message Delivery, and More

DataOps Pack

Automate repetitive IT data prep and integration activities

AIOps Pack

Automate AIOps Data Prep & Integration, Data Enrichment and More


Install on your laptop, VM or Cloud within minutes or start using right away with our hosted service