Robotic Data Automation

AI Driven Automation

RDA is an intelligent automation platform that combines AI technologies and Automation to deliver composable intelligent IT workflows using software bots and low code pipelines.

  • Transform from legacy Automation to Intelligent Automation
  • Automate AIops & Observability workflows & implementation
  • Easy to compose and perform IT Workflows/Pipelines
  • Get insights from any data (cloud, IT & Business) faster using bots

What is Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

Robotic Data Automation (RDA) is a modern data driven IT automation platform that uses software bots and low-code pipelines to automate various IT workflows in hyper-connected and distributed environments.

How easy it is to create Ops scenario workflows with bots and low code?

Ingest 30 to 60 Days
Create Pipelines in
RDA Studio
Run Pipelines to
Cluster the Incidents

Who Uses RDA

  • Build & run Observability Pipelines
  • Build & run custom observability reports & dashboards
  • Detect anomalies in cloud apps performance from logs & events
  • Detect cloud footprint baseline changes
  • more...

  • Automate Data Preparation & Integration pipelines
  • Automated alert enrichment with full stack context
  • Build & Run Auto remediation workflows
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • moreā€¦

Citizen Automation Developer
  • Build & Run IT automation workflows
  • E-bonding: connect various IT systems and notification systems
  • Build customized reports and dashboards
  • Run adhoc analytics on a given dataset
  • more...

All the features you need

To effortlessly prepare, transform and automate your data-driven IT workflows

Low-Code Data Pipelines

Data pipelines written in easy to understand abstract syntax with natural language like semantics

Built-in AI/ML Bots

Purpose built to simplify and automate AI/ML training and inferencing using AI/ML bots

Uniform Query Language

Standardized query language across data sources and integrations. Learn once, use everywhere

Inline Data Mapping

Full metadata awareness, data mapping and enrichment with internal/external sources

Data Integrity Checks

Data verification, cleaning, preparing, filtering, shaping (aggregating/ filtering/ sorting) & transforming using data bots

Data Extraction/Metrics

Gather metrics and logs for system performance reporting and IT analytics

Experience RDA with AIOps Studio

With AIOps Studio, you can author pipelines, inspect and debug pipeline stages, visualize data sets, explore data bots, publish pipelines to production systems and more.

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