RDA Examples

With RDA’s open pipeline model and extensive bot library possibilities are limitless. This page provides some additional uses cases, more as a reference and catalyst to many more scenarios that can solved with RDA.

RDA Examples

Following are examples from AI/ML, DevOps, Cloud, IT, Cisco, Just for Fun and more



  • Process historical alerts and cluster the alerts to identify candidates for noise reduction
  • Detect Anomalies in Logs/Events and push Results to Grafana
  • From Prometheus, get historical CPU usage data for a node (Hourly) and send anomalies as attachment to Slack



  • Software error code contextualization using OpenAI
  • Dynamic application connectivity and interdependency insights
  • Incident to source code and build traceability
  • Application performance and traceability insights
  • Synchronize database tables from MySQL to Snowflake



  • Kubernetes cluster state baselining and change insights
  • Container security and app vulnerability analysis


Change Detection

  • Detect changes in current software release against baseline state with data from TeamCity, BitBucket and Jenkins
  • VMware vROps Alerts change detection
  • Host services and processes change detection



  • Jira tickets to Slack notifications and collaboration
  • E-bonding of Incidents from Jira to PagerDuty with enrichment data added from CMDB/ServiceNow



  • On UCS Manager critical fault, fetch details of affected managed object (MO) and send to Slack
  • On detecting new condition in network/storage, fetch more details and Invoke a UCS Director workflow

Asset Management/CMDB

  • Perform asset discovery and realtime update CMDB
  • Perform nightly CMDB discovery and send a report to Slack of all VMs that don't have a FQDN or Guest OS details


  • Compile a list of powered down AWS VMs and send a slack message
  • Synchronizing Splunk data to Elasticsearch
  • Synchronize Postgres database to another Postgres instance
  • Read Rubrik Cloud Data Manager (CDM) events and identify various event groups


  • ServiceNow Incident enrichment with NLP classification from OpenAI
  • Compile list of past 24-hrs ServiceNow incidents that have no CI or dummy CI information and send report via Email
  • Enrich a given change request with additional information details related to CI (alerts/incidents/changes ...)
  • Get last 90-days incidents from ServiceNow and cluster the incidents based on short description
  • Get last 30-days incidents from ServiceNow, and plot histogram to show daily highest ticket count
  • Get Configuration Items data from ServiceNow CMDB and save it as a dataset locally


  • Compile a list of 24-hrs cloud costs from multiple regions and send a report via Email
  • Detect changes in EC2 VMs compared to baseline state.
  • Compute EC2 instance age, compile list of VMs older than 365-days and send Email


  • Synchronize Salesforce sales pipeline data to Snowflake

Synthetic Data

  • Generate synthetic data for popular sources/formats (Ex: Splunk, Elasticsearch, Web logs etc.)

Just for Fun

  • Send the stock price of your/your favorite company along with 5-news articles to your Telegram bot
  • Send unix style message of the day (i.e a random quote from your list of favorite quotes) to Telegram bot

Generic Data Operations

  • Upload file and convert to Dataset or Dataframe
  • Reading data from URL/URI
  • Removing data or unwanted columns
  • Data enrichment with dictionary lookups
  • Data enrichment with external systems
  • Encrypting sensitive data
  • Redacting or masking data
  • Shaping data - filtering/cleaning/transforming
  • Aggregating data: count, unique count, statistics etc.
  • Working with streaming data using Kafka
  • Receiving streaming data using notifications

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